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The Kuffner Local Light Server is a Raspberry Pi device, lcated at Kuffner Sternwarte Observatory. It's primary purpose is to provide ssh/rsync access to a mass storage device, as a landing zone for incoming light data. Secondary, a HTTP service is running, providing very rudimentary information about system health and received data.



The KLLS is attached to the LAN of the Kuffner Sternwarte Observatory, which in turn has internet access via the VHS (Volkshochschule) network. This means being behind a NAT'ed firewall, with somewhat restrictive rules, and no administrative access (port forwading, etc.).

LAN access allows for direct connections of AT_Kuffner and AT_Kuffner2 stations.

TOR network

To allow for outside access, a TOR service is provided, which can be found via the syuoa5ntv6cgjzv7.onion address.