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Enter the NUMBER of the image that comes closest to your observation or click on the appropriate image provided by us. → Next select the CONSTELLATION observed by you.
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Ursa Minor

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If you know the exact coordinates of your observing-place enter the numbers (e.g. 09° 01.6'), or use OpenStreetMap or GoogleMaps
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Enter the time of your observation as accurately as possible (official local time).
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Enter the address (if known) when observing on a built-up site.

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Click Submit to send the values from the form above. To save the current settings (e.g. coordinates or timezone), press the Save-button besides. With help of a cookie the fields are already filled in, when you come to this page the next time.

Help on Observation site: help to fill in the geographical coordinates:

Enter the geographical coordinates of your site either directly (e.g. 09° 01.9') or use Google Maps. After clicking on the link Google Maps below observation site a separate window opens, that contains an overview satellite-image. Zoom and drag with the buttons in the upper left. The buttons in the upper right switch to map-view and show names of places, respectively (Hybrid)). When you have found your site --- preferably at maximum magnification ---, click on it. The coordinates are then shown. A click on OK transfers the coordinate values automatically into the observation-form.