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Light Moonless Night Medians Vienna Lightmeter Network Comparisons 2012-2013.jpg
JP Setagaya 1 Jun-Dec 2012 distribution.png

The Starlight and Lightmeter Wiki 

Important: We are recovering after an attack and things will take time for full functionality.  

The state of May 2014 is saved at: The original Lightmeter Wiki

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Top: Comparison of the clear moonless sky medians measured in 2012 and 2013 by  the stations of the Vienna Lightmeter Network. 

Bottom: Tokyo Light 2012 - Distribution of the total radiation - the light at night - in 2012 at the Setagaya - Tokyo Lightmeter station Details of the Setagaya station at the GAVO Lightmeter data-centre. The distribution of the decadic logarithm of total radiation in Watt per squaere meter W/m² is are shown as measured from June to December 2012 (courtesy Nobuaki Ochi and the Setagaya station. Read the article Long-term Measurement of the Night Sky Brightness in Japan Using Lightmeters: 2009-2012 Data


June 17th::Import-Test Großmugl

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May 3rd: Mediawiki update to Version 1.22.2 completed on May 3rd; GW --NorbertHerz (Diskussion) 22:08, 3. Mai 2014 (CEST)

Apr. 14th, 2014: Vienna's lightdome shows 10% increase 2013, the 3rd year of network-monitoring Licht über Wien III (Vienna Environmental Protection Agency), (pdf, 3MB)

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