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Dark Sky Parks


Fähren von Split

  • Katamaran:

Via Hvar, Vela Lula (Korcula); Eine Richtung: 27 Kunar (HRK),ca 4 €;

    • Split-Lastovo 14h ab Split; ca 16h45 an Ubli (Lastovo);
    • Lastovo-Split 4h (Wochentags) 7h (Sonntags) ab Ubli ca. 3h später an Split
  • Autofähre (4h15m, ca 17 Kunar):

mehrere Abfahrten nach Wochentag; So ab Ubli: 13h;


ca 300m vom Fähranleger


Taverna Pece (ca 200m vom Anleger nach links; bis 23h); Steckdose auf Anfrage Cafe gegenüber des Anliegers (bis 22); Steckdose Supermarkt ca 60m vom Anlieger nach links; bis 20h



Heliodrom (Hubschrauberlandeplatz); ca 50x80m S-lich des O-Gipfels der Insel per versiegelter Strasse erreichbar. Gehzeit vom Anleger ca. 2h.

Bericht von Herman Mikuž:

Bemerkungen von Andrej Mohar

The best is to visit Lastovo park office in village Ubli (100 m from ferry boat) They work normaly form 7h to 14h. You have to ask them too switch off lights (huge lights!!!) at military radar, because if those lights are not switched off then you loose 0.5 magnitude.

Observing point is at heliodrom near military radar, elevation 400m.

At the radar the most probably they just speak Croatian.

If Hotel is closed you have to sleep in private rooms, but it is not so easy to find them. The best would be that you contact ĐORĐE MILEUSNIĆ (english pronounce: Jorje). He is a profesor at school at Lastovo in he knows everybody. He could recommend someone who has a room with heating. Đorđe is very nice person and I am sure he will help you to organize your staying.

Lastovo is just about 500 people in this time and they know each other.

Next: Go to hotel and ask them to call to Radar to switch off lights. In hotel they do (who knows) renovation work.

You can ask at you room owner to call to radar to switch light off. Just say to them that you are fro UNI and they will have more respect. If you are in Lastovo town, go to town hall and speak to secretary, mayor most probably do not speak English, just Croatian. Ask them to call to Radar to switch off lights.

This last version in town hall I prefer because it is good that mayor see that there are not just a few crazy Slovene people but that also Austrians need dark night and radar without lights. Maybe they are interested in some guest outside high season. At radar it was necessary to ask to switch off everyday, even if we agreed in written form that the whole week lights must be off (signed by Lastovo park authority).

(Nach infos von Andrej Mohar)

--GuentherWuchterl 16:00, 17. Jan. 2010 (UTC)

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