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Das USB-Kabel lässt sich mit einem flexiblen Verlegeschlauch vor Umwelteinflüssen z.B. UV-Strahlung schützen. Empfehlenswert ist 'Rabalder' von Ikea (Art.Nr. 200.979.54) um ca. 4 Euro. Der Schlauch ist längs geschlitzt und kann nachträglich um das Kabel gewickelt werden.

== == Software suggestions

  • A single file is generated and
  • The file should be stored in the second / minute with a flush command. This Prevents a too large loss of data


  • A unique file name eg. 'YYYYMMDD' during the recording would be an advantage.
  • Fixed Spaced instead of CSV is often difficult process easier.

The Above Mentioned points have proven to us many times when it comes to the daily record of data.

Jörg Weingrill

  • A unique file name I would also like to see, so that on restart not accidentally overwrite existing file.
  • Perhaps it would even make sense to write every day / every night in a separate file, and every day to begin at 00:00 or 12:00 clock a new file. This would distribute the data into smaller, more manageable portions. For transmission to the central data collection, the various files could indeed be packaged into a ZIP archive.
  • Nice, too, if you could in the status window is not only the temperature and the count to see live, but so directly the light intensity (Lux) and the sky brightness (mag / sqarcsec) could be read. This would be the calibration parameters e.g. ini file to store in.

- Herbert Raab 15:46, 16 Oct 2008 (UTC)

I would appreciate if the following software features were included in addition:

  • Calculation of lunar brightness: Users must enter coordinates and parallel to the measurements for each time point is the illumination of the moon included.
  • Calculation of solar radiation: as the moon, or at least sunrise and sunset time for the site
  • Option: the user can still enter the horizon (as an angle) on the site (eg for every 10 °) and then the above parameters additionally charged Sun

Christian Ruckstuhl, 30.3.2010

Just a short suggestion in regards to a slight addition, as part of the instructions a conversion formula for the SQM is given therefor

  • The conversion formula included into the Light Meters already great software Which would automatically update along with the current data. By adding this parameter, the light meter would trully be a world beater, because it would give LUX, illumination, temperature, calibration and therefore SQM data, the light meter would surpass the Unihedron's devices tenfold.

Dyfed Jones 17/10/2010

Wiederherstellung --GW (talk) 16:38, 27 April 2016 (CEST)