Lightmeter installation

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The lightmeter should be installed in a place with good all sky coverage. In town with a possible compromise of minimal (remote) lights in the all-sky field of view. Some obstruction below 10°, say does not harm.

If you need a longer cable, use a USB-Ethernet-extender. The instrument is all-weather proof and built to run day and night.

Follow the software installation instructions for the instrument version you got on the Lightmeter-Driver page.

It should be plug-in the instrument into a USB-port running the windows installer or makefile and making sure the c-USB libraries are installed. Contact immediately if there is any inconvenience or problem.

After you got a few clear nights - also some with Moon - send the data to We will provide a calibration and instructions how to upload the data to the server provided by the German Virtual observatory, see also Lightmeter-database.

The data-rate is about 3MB a day at the standard 1 Hz sampling rate.

Installation Examples