How many stars can we still see?

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IYA campaign

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Campaining and the lightmeter network


December 2009: TLS-call for translation

21.3. 2009: IYA-Springtime call for lightmeter requests

Language-Edit Instructions for HMS-Pages

Go to the pages by Login with username and password

Once you switch the change-language-button in the MENU to language you want to edit, the small red [edit] buttons appear. Upon click a pop-up opens and you can cut/paste/edit.

SAVE stores the changes and redisplays the page so you can check the edits.

Try to set your Browser to UTF-8 encoding, just to be sure.

The "bservation report"page should be done but a check would be fine.

Good luck and many Thanks to all!

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2001 Austrian Campaign

How Many Stars can we still see? Pikall et. al.2003, La Serena light pollution conference

link to ADS

2009 campaign and materials

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