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Sep. 29th: Graph of the Oct. 28th total lunar eclipse as seen by the Tautenburg Lightmeters.

June 19th: Study and draft for light pollution law in Austria: Lichtverschmutzung - Rechtliche Grundlagen ... (Institut für Umweltrecht, oh. Kepler Uni Linz)

June 11th: Night-time public transfer connection and accomodation now available in Großmugl.

May 8th: Preparations for the Lightmeter Mark 3 started - please mail your suggestions to .

March 15: Fireball detected by the TLS-Lightmeters from 19:44:09 UTC to appr 19:45:15 UTC; Graph of Light-curve (Horizontal Illuminance) at --GW (talk) 12:40, 17 March 2015 (CET)


August 10: AT_LinzUmB at Piberbach is operational.

French Light Pollution Maps for different conditions

June 30th: Kepler-Obervatory: Kepler-Sternwarte Linz - computer change after 4.6 years of taking data - the original lightmeter is still running.

June 28th: We are slowly re-opening: edits are now possible with a confirmed Email-account: mail to with your username-wish and we will send you the access. --GW (talk) 11:29, 28 June 2014 (CEST)

June 17th: Import-Test Großmugl

May 29th: We are slowly recovering after an attack that vandalized the Lightmeter wiki. The attack happened during an upgrade to the new Mediawiki version.

May 3rd: Mediawiki update to Version 1.22.2 completed on May 3rd; GW -- 22:08, 3. Mai 2014 (CEST)

Apr. 14th, 2014: Vienna's lightdome shows 10% increase 2013, the 3rd year of network-monitoring Licht über Wien III (Vienna Environmental Protection Agency), (pdf, 3MB)

From the old wiki Lightmeter page

May 3rd: Mediawiki update to Version 1.22.2 completed on May 3rd; GW --NorbertHerz (Diskussion) 22:08, 3. Mai 2014 (CEST).

Sep. 26th 2013: Gabriel Stoekl (GAVO) announces the easy-Lightmeter, a Rasberry PI data logger for the Lightmeter that automaticall records and transfers data to the GAVO-database, - the software should be released in a couple of months. GS Video: .

June 11th 2013: Report on one year of monitoring with the Vienna Lightmeter Network Licht über Wien II: Wiener Lichtbericht 2012 online at the Wiener Umweltanwaltschaft (Vienna Environmental Protection Agency).

Jan. 12th 2013: First results from the new SETAGAYA (Tokyo) station as presented at a star party on 11 Jan. at the Setagaya Planetarium. From June to December 2012 the light at night 8 km from the centre of Tokyo scatters around the maximum full-moon values but some hours during the year are 15 times darker than the full moon - still about 10 times abouve natural light at night. --GuentherWuchterl 17:03, 14. Jan. 2013 (UTC)

Be shure to check this page, to get the latest tips on running your lightmeter. Beware of the Mark 2.3 Temperature-Bug, and for problems with linux installations contact

Also please upload your data to gavo [...]


Sep. 20th 2012:, 8 UTC first light for the southernmost Lightmeter (47° S) at Mt. John Observatory, Lake Tekapo in the Lake Tekapo - Aoraki - Mount Cook Starlight Reserve, New Zealand, (IDA gold ).

Apr. 27th 2012:, Light over Vienna - a study of the energy content of Vienna's light-dome and the top light emitters (in german): Download pdf from WUA at the Vienna enviromental protection agency WUA,

April 11th 2012: [ First results from the Hohe Dirn UMTS-Lightrouter-Station ] with night-sky panorama N/E Austria.

April 8th 2012 Please remember to get rid of the temperature-bug before it gets warm outside if you are using Windows and Mark2.3. Be shure to install the Mark 2.3 Windows-XP Software (see also the next (older) news item:)

April 2012: DMSP Satellite-Night at Light images with colour-relief rendering at ( A. Trawöger).


April 17th: New Mark 2.3 Windows-XP Software for hot summer days (removes bug occurring at T > 46.7°C).

March 9th: Lightmeter reaching out for the stars on top of the 30m tower at the ESO-ELT site, Cerro Armazones.

March 6th: Lightmeter performance and calibraton in the Atacama (A. Mülller et al., preprint)

Feb. 13th: Lightmeter at Observatorio del Teide.


Nov. 21st: Software for the Mark2.3l post IYA lightmeter online at Lightmeter Driver section.

Oct. 26th: Lightmeter 2010 - the IYA-Lightmeter will be continued more

June 18th: Public Lightmeter database in collaboration with the German Astrophysical Virtual Obervatory (GAVO):

--GW (talk) 13:24, 28 April 2016 (CEST)

Distribution of the total radiation - the light at night - in 2012 at the Setagaya - Tokyo Lightmeter station Details of the Setagaya station at the GAVO Lightmeter data-centre. The distribution of the decadic logarithm of total radiation in Watt per squaere meter W/m² is are shown as measured from June to December 2012 (courtesy Nobuaki Ochi and the Setagaya station.
Legenstein-Lighteter Maerz 2012 IMG 9142 viertel.JPG
Armazones Lightmter on 30mtower.JPG
Armazones Lightmeter preinstall.JPG
Lightmeter Teide observatory.jpeg
L26 Paranal Lux und 100s sigma 20 bis 28Juli2009 grob tageskalibiert.png
Juni2009 Linz Wien Berlin Tautenburg.png
Juni 12bis17 2009 Berlin Tautenburg.png
L14 Berlin Feb Mae 2009.png
L12 TLS 26Sep bis 7Nov2008.png